Functional Living Interior

Possibilities through the journey of craftsmanship to create functional spaces with an emphasis on quality and timelessness. Collaboration of design possibilities i.e Floor Plans, Ceiling Plan, Lighting Plan, Electricity Plan, Wall Elevation and Vastu Compliance with needs and desires starts with model making, drawings, and visualizations to develop the scope and design.

Some result oriented collaborative parts of design process resulting in the creation of functional and visually appealing spaces that fulfill the clients’ needs and preferences.

1.Floor Plans: Floor plans provide a visual representation of a space, illustrating the layout of walls, doors, windows, and other features. They help determine the overall size and shape of the area and guide the placement of furniture and elements within it.
2.Ceiling Plans: Ceiling plans depict the arrangement of the ceiling, including light fixtures, ventilation systems, and other features. They contribute to the overall ambiance and natural lighting of the space.
3.Lighting Plans: Lighting plans showcase the positioning of light fixtures, specifying the type, wattage, and direction of light. They are crucial for creating desired moods and atmospheres, as well as ensuring safety and functionality by adequately illuminating the space.

4.Electrical Plans: Electrical plans outline the placement of electrical outlets, switches, and other electrical components. They ensure sufficient electrical power and accessibility while maintaining safety standards.

5.Wall Elevations: Wall elevations present three-dimensional depictions of the walls, showcasing details like materials, colors, and finishes. They contribute to the desired aesthetic and insulation requirements of the space.

6.Vastu Compliance: Vastu compliance refers to designing spaces in alignment with the principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural philosophy. Vastu Shastra emphasizes that the physical structure of a space can influence its occupants’ well-being. Adhering to these principles helps create functional and visually pleasing spaces that promote positive energy.

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